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Sand casting process

Author : Date : 2017-6-8 10:27:48

Sand casting: tailor-made work – from individual pieces to large-sized series 
sand casting enables the production of metal parts in a wide variety of designs and possessing extremely high levels of accuracy. In the production of sand casting work, specialists first make a mould out of wood or aluminium. Prints are then made of these – either manually or mechanically – and embedded in the moulding boxes. The chemical compounds are then melted in induction ovens. This is done according to the normal standards for steelwork or to the standards you set yourself. 

Rigorous demands on quality 
Producing sand cast ironwork of the highest quality requires constant monitoring of every step in the production process. Throughout the melting stage, samples are taken from the melting pot and analysed. When the right composition has been achieved, the liquid steel is poured into the moulding boxes. As soon as the steel has cooled and hardened, it is removed from the moulding boxes and trimmed and smoothed. When the cast ironwork is clean, they are first given a visual check and then heat-treated according to the specifications for the material. 

Rapid delivery, and just-in-time if required 
As our foundries are able to change over models quite quickly, sand casting is an attractive method for the production of small to mid-sized series of cast ironwork. The expense in terms of model cost is relatively low and we are capable of delivering your cast ironwork very quickly, and just-in-time if required. One of our foundries can also offer 'rapid prototyping'. It can provide a prototype of the mould for your approval before it makes the actual mould itself. 

Specialists in high-quality and environmentally friendly sand casting work 
XINKAI works in close collaboration with specialised foundries in the production of sand casting work using methods such as heat treatment and mechanical treatment. Some of these foundries have been our partners for may decades thanks to the high quality levels of their casting work, their flexibility, short delivery times and efficient production methods. All of our foundries work to the highest of quality standards and have been certified by internationally recognised bodies like ISO, ASME and National Railways across several countries. The quality of your sand casting work is therefore guaranteed. Extra attention is also paid to environmental and safety matters in the sand casting production process. 

Advanced technology for high-quality sand casting 
sand casting is done at our foundries using advanced systems for the production of casting moulds and cores, including modern induction ovens, analysis spectrometers and chemical sand compounds. The use of furan resins and a catalytic agent in the sand mixture ensures that the sand cast ironwork is provided with an excellent finish. The mixture is monitored continuously so as to guarantee the right composition. Monitoring of the melting of the steel in the induction ovens is done with the help of spectrometers. 

sand casting can be done using practically any kind of alloy 
XINKAI can supply sand cast ironwork (and just-in-time, if required) that meets the highest of standards for steel quality, according to the client’s specifications, and even along the lines of analyses determined in collaboration with you. Our foundries are extremely skilled in the casting of alloy and non-alloy steel, and martensitic, austenitic and heatproof stainless steel, as well as duplex and superduplex stainless steel. Our foundries are also equipped with roentgen technology and equipment for testing the channels in the centrifugal pumps and seals. XInKAI can also carry out any kind of finishing work that may be required. 

High-quality sand cast ironwork for: 

Auto spare parts

Railway spare parts

Gearbox housing


Machine parts