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Processing outlined in body parts

Author : Felix Fan Date : 2018-11-21 9:30:04

1 box of the function of parts and structural features


Box is the basis of machine parts, it will machine the axis of the components, kits, gear and other related parts into a whole, and each other to maintain the correct position to transmit torque or to change the speed to complete the movement. Therefore, the quality of the processing tank, a direct impact on machine performance, accuracy and life expectancy.


Box-type parts of the structure of complex thin-walled and non-uniform, multi-site processing, processing is difficult. According to statistics, the general medium-sized box-type machine tool factory parts on machining time processing the whole time about the l5% ~ 20%.


2 Box of the main technical requirements of parts


Box-type parts, the machine tool spindle box higher accuracy can be summed up in the accuracy of the following five requirements:


 precision aperture: aperture size and geometry of errors will cause errors with the bearing and the hole bad. Aperture is too large, with too loose, so that the axis spindle instability, and reduce the bearing stiffness and easy to produce vibration and noise; aperture is too small, will tie in with the tight, the bearings outer ring will be deformed and can not shorten the life of the normal operation of . Not loaded bearing a round hole, there will be outer bearing spindle radial deformation caused by a round beating.


From the above analysis we can see that the precision of the hole is higher. Spindle hole size tolerance level for IT6, the remaining holes for the IT8 ~ IT7. Hole geometry accuracy not provided for the general control of the dimensional tolerances of 1 / 2 can be within the scope.

 hole with the hole location accuracy: the same axis of the hole coaxiality the face of error and the micropylar end of the vertical axis error, shaft and bearing assembly will appear to skew, resulting in beating round the main axis of radial and axial rocky ledge, but also exacerbated the bearing wear. Holes in parallel between the degree of error will affect the quality of the meshing gears. Distance Tolerance for the general soil soil 0.025 ~ 0.060mm, and the same online support center coaxiality hole about the size tolerance of the semi-holes.

 hole and two-dimensional positional accuracy: the main hole of the spindle box is installed parallel to the base surface, the decision of the main rail and bed position of mutual relations. The accuracy adopted in the assembly to achieve the Institute scratch. Scratch in order to reduce the workload study, the general provisions in the vertical and horizontal directions, allowing only the front spindle upward and forward bias.


 The accuracy of the main plane: Assembly-based surface flatness of the impact of bed spindle box and connect the contact stiffness, as a processing base location will affect the machining accuracy of the main hole. Therefore the provisions of the bottom surface must be flat and oriented, in order to ensure the sealing cover to prevent oil leak work, but also provides the top of the flatness requirement, when the high-volume production of its top surface for positioning the base surface when it also to improve the flatness requirements.


 surface roughness: general spindle hole for the surface roughness Ra0.4μm, other vertical hole for the surface roughness Ra1.6μm; hole in the surface roughness for end Ra3.2μm, assembly and positioning of base-level datum The surface roughness for Ra2.5 ~ 0.63μm, the other for two-dimensional surface roughness Ra10 ~ 2.5μm.


3 box of materials and rough parts


Body parts often choose a variety of material grades of gray cast iron, as gray cast iron has good resistance to abrasion, and can be cut casting Cut, but also a good absorber, a low cost. Certain load greater use of steel castings box. There are some simple box blank in order to shorten the cycle manufactured using welded steel structure.