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Home > Products > Hydraulic fittings > Non-standard customized hydraulic circuit block
Product name : Non-standard customized hydraulic circuit block
Item : XH-CB1
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OEM/ODM Non-standard customized hydraulic circuit block

The core unit of the Integrated Hydraulic Manifold Systems is the hydraulic Manifold blocks,
which is one or more special pre-drilled manifold block with multiple holes, which is installed
with a variety of hydraulic components, such as hydraulic valves, pipe joints, pressure gauges, etc.,
its internal orifice and component orifice are connected, forming a hydraulic integrated circuit,
Reduce external piping,to achieve the system control requirements.
Material: 45# steel, cast iron
Purpose: pressure, flow
Applicable medium: oil
Rated pressure: 25MPa
Nominal pressure: 25MPa
Pipe diameter: 6-20mm
Weight: 0.8-55 kg
All parameters can be customized.
Accept all kinds of drawing to sample custom processing

Function of six surfaces of oil line valve block:
(1) top surface and bottom surface
The top and bottom surfaces are superimposed joint surfaces with common pressure oil port
P, common oil return port O, oil leakage port L and four bolt holes on the surface.
(2) front, back and right side
(a) right side: install frequently adjusted components.Pressure control valve, such as overflow valve,
pressure relief valve, sequence valve;Flow control valve class, such as throttle valve.Speed control valve and so on.
(b) front: install directional valves, such as electromagnetic directional valve, one-way valve, etc.;
When the pressure valve class and flow valve class in the right side of the installation is not enough,
should be installed in front of the adjustment.
(c) after: install direction valve and other unadjusted components.
(3) left side
The left side is provided with the output oil port connecting the actuator, the outer pressure point and
other auxiliary oil ports, such as the oil hole of the accumulator and the oil hole of the standby pressure relay.

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