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Auto spare parts

Author : Date : 2017-5-26 16:14:48

castings has pretty wide application in automotive field, for example, the automotive castings cast by automotive castings manufactures with metal has incomparable advantages such as beautiful in shape, light in weight and corrosion resistance, and it has wide application in automobile industry. With the constant economic development, the automotive castings China will constantly improve quality and technology, gradually go abroad and become a strong competitor in the auto parts casting market.


Mostly castings in auto industry cast by xinkai manufacture is iron casting ,steel castings.We work at our facilities with the latest in foundry technology and with the latest techniques in pattern and casting design,at the same time,we possesses of advanced casting production lines and of advanced CNC machining equipment from Germany,Japan and Korea.Apart from that,we has top-notch testing equipment for all regular types of quality control:spectro-analysis,chemical analysis,microstructure analysis,molding sand performance testings,low temperature impact testings,etc.


Xinkai manufacture main product is gearbox housing,customized casting housing,tranmisssion housing,pump housing,clutch shell,motor housing,timing cover,differial cover,engine bracket,bracket support,,auto field all kinds of cast iron and cast steel products,ect.

Our main customer is zhongche group.LCL,Castec Gmbh,Taiyuan airline ect